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Baumer2Only slightly more than 1 ms response time of the new Ultrasonic sensor by Baumer. UNAM 12 making it about 20 times faster than conventional ultrasonic sensors and the sensor world's fastest of its kind and combines the advantages of ultrasonic technology with a short response time of 1,3 ms, which is similar to an optical sensor. The sensor is thus very well suited for processes with high speed and makes a significant contribution to increasing efficiency in automation.

The UNAM 12 detects the presence of highly transparent packaging materials such as films, bottles, wafers or glass, thus controlling the continuous flow of production. In a special version with a sonic nozzle, thanks to its focused sound cone, the sensor also recognizes individual objects with the shortest possible distances. With a lateral approach accuracy of 0,5 mm, the sensors are also extremely precise.

In order to achieve maximum operational reliability, the ultrasound technology guarantees faultless operation of the sensor regardless of the degree of soiling or the color of the object. Thanks to the narrow sound beam, the sensors can also be mounted behind a protective wall and detected through narrow slits.

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