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megatronSPS / IPC / Drives 4A Hall, Booth 110

Megatron introduces the MOM18, a new, compact rotary encoder in an aluminum housing. It offers a high resolution and is designed with a centering collar and pre-assembled connectors particularly easy to install. For special interference immunity, there is a signal amplifier.

The pulse generator delivers up to 1600 pulses per revolution. In the measuring range of 360 °, two channels and one reference pulse are available for this purpose. If a special immunity to interference is required, the new "Line Driver" output is recommended for this series. This signal amplifier improves the output quality and immunity to interference. For higher operating voltages up to 12 V, an open collector version is available. The housing also withstands strong shocks and vibrations, allowing the encoder to be used in many demanding environments.

A decisive improvement to the expiring predecessor series is the new ball bearing centering collar. This makes assembly easier and enables higher precision. The ball-bearing stainless steel shaft of the MOM18 has a diameter of 2,5 mm. The ready-made plug connection also contributes to fast and flexible commissioning. Optionally, a radial cable outlet can be selected if required by the application. Overall, the new encoder weighs 20 g and complies with protection class IP50.

The special versions of the MOM18 include drive wheels and other small mechanical parts as well as the individual assembly of cables and plugs.

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