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MTSMTS sensor technology presents a dual "Temposonics" sensor, which is two types of sensors in one. For an easier and more flexible connection to the control technology of electric drives, an additional, incremental interface was added to the new sensor in addition to the proven absolute SSI output. With this output, the position signals are transmitted directly to the controller via the counter input.

The sensor is particularly suitable for precise position and speed control in drive and linear technology. The lower-level control loop has the current speed and position change as well as the direction of movement from the incremental signal for commutation in the usual format. The absolute positioning is communicated via the SSI output. With the combination of two different signal transmissions, the absolute and non-contact sensor effectively replaces conventional sensors. In addition to improved performance and greater security, system costs can be reduced. In addition, this sensor system meets the ever increasing requirements of quality assurance.

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