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huebnerThe "Looper" encoder ALS 40 K from Johannes Hübner should achieve two to three times the usual service life due to its special design. In a hot rolling mill, loop lifters (also called looper) have two tasks: First, they measure mass flow disturbances in the rolling process and compensate for them by changing the loop length. On the other hand, they measure the strip tension and keep it as constant as possible.

These processes are very important for productivity and product quality. The angle of rotation of the sling lifter is recorded by a rotary encoder. Since the angle of attack is only a maximum of 45 degrees, the encoder bearings are loaded on one side. this leads to poor bearing lubrication. In addition, the encoder is exposed to high shock and temperature loads and wears out. Standard encoders used up to now could never guarantee the service life required by customers. Unplanned downtimes of the entire rolling mill repeatedly led to production downtimes.

With the ALS 40 K, the company has developed a special Looper encoder that, thanks to specially dimensioned bearings, offers a 40% higher dynamic load rating. It is equipped with a special radial shaft seal with an additional protective lip. The bearings are not primarily designed for high speeds, but for high shock loads of up to 450 g to ensure a long service life. The encoder also has a reinforced shaft made of high-strength, stainless steel. The degree of protection is IP66 / IP67 and the permissible temperature range extends up to 100 ° C. The encoder delivers guaranteed high signal quality and availability under the high temperature and shock loads typical of Looper.

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