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Magnetic encoders without integral bearing are suitable due to their rugged design for use in harsh environments. This applies to textile machines, where fibers can reduce the service life of bearings evident, as for harsh industrial environments or mobile applications where abverlangen shock, vibration, condensation and dust the encoders used a lot. The bearingless magnetic Absolute Encoder by Baumer is now available in an exceptionally compact design.

Thus, the advantages of non-contact measuring principle even in very tight spaces can be used. The small Absolute Encoder with the Type MHADThat complements the proven HDmag encoder family needed 50 mm in diameter and a depth of 20 mm very little installation space and fits virtually into any space. For the assembly, no free shaft end is necessary. Thanks to its large through hollow shaft encoder, for example, can be the space-and cost-saving directly onto the shaft between the gearbox and anzutreibendem machine part. It tolerates the contactless measuring principle axial and radial tolerances of ± 1 mm or between 0,1 and 0,5 mm. The LED that signals directly on the device, the operating conditions used, in this case as an adjustment.

At the output of the encoder is the current position as an absolute value with 16 bit resolution, either through SSI or CANopen interface. For speed control additional incremental output (1024 to 8192 pulses per revolution). Since the compact design can be arranged up to four sensors at the flywheel, redundant solutions are easily and inexpensively. The self-diagnosis monitors signal quality and constantly checks the sensor function. The small magnetic encoders as standard meets the requirements of protection IP67, operates at ambient temperatures between-40 ° and + 85 ° C and is reliable due to the robust design and the magnetic measurement principle, even with dust, moisture, shock and vibration.

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