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Contrinex has developed inductive sensors based on Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) technology. These low-cost 600 series inductive sensors offer all the advantages of a high-performance sensor with reduced failure risk. Increased scanning performance and high EMC resistance are just some of the benefits.

The use of an ASIC chip significantly reduces the number of electronic components. This reduces the risk of component failures, which in turn increases the lifespan. The advantages of ASIC technology at a glance:

* Guaranteed increased tactile performance
* high EMC resistance
* Exact compliance with the declared switching distances
* high shock resistance

The extensive product range covers all standard dimensions - from the 3 mm miniature sensor with 1 mm switching distance to the M30 switch with 15 mm switching distance. Regardless of the size of the sensor, all devices have integrated an effective temperature compensation that allows an extended temperature range of -25 ° to + 100 ° C and switching distances up to twice the standard. Sensors of the same type have a maximum deviation of <2% at the switching distance. This allows a very high switching accuracy, which in turn simplifies the installation of the sensors.

The sensors are used, for example, in deep drawing presses under the most demanding conditions; in textile machines, where cost-effective and easy-to-use sensor solutions are required; or in modern technologies like wind turbines.

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