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huebnerWhether rolling mills, mining or crane systems: The incremental encoders FG / FGH 40 by Johannes Hübner was developed for heavy industry and is suitable for use in extreme environmental conditions. The robust aluminum housing of the FG 40 (solid shaft) or FGH 40 (hollow shaft design) has a very high vibration and shock resistance. Thanks to an axial shaft sealing ring, the device achieves the highest degree of protection, IP 65, in addition to IP 66 and IP 67. In addition, the FG 40 has a high signal quality due to high quality scanning electronics. The phase offset track A to track B is 87 ° to 93 °, the duty cycle ± 3%.

Another advantage is the high maximum transmission frequency of 200 kHz. High-quality electronics can realize up to one million pulses per revolution. The FG 40 can be easily connected thanks to a large terminal box (approximately 5 x 10 cm) and guarantees connection safety through spring-loaded terminals with automatic readjustment. By default, the FG 40 is equipped for temperatures up to 70 ° C and can be optionally equipped for several special temperature ranges between -40 ° and 100 ° C. In general, customized special designs can be implemented. Its seawater resistant texture also allows use in saline atmospheres such. B. in the navy and port technology. The incremental encoder FG 40 / FGH 40 is the further development of the FG 4 / FGH 4 series. That makes it compatible and 1: 1 interchangeable.

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