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ContrinexContrinex provides the high-pressure resistant inductive P12 now as a sensor with antivalent output. This can be achieved with a device for both normally open and normally closed. Conventional inductive sensors have only one output and act as either NPN or PNP normally closed or normally open. The nonequivalent P12 switch has two oppositely switching outputs, thereby combining both functions in a proximity switch. The sensor acts as opening and closing, a second switch is unnecessary.

In propositional logic corresponds to the switching behavior of an "exclusive or" XOR shortly. Only when both outputs 0 / or 1 1 / 0 represent, the feature is enabled, otherwise there is a malfunction. Therefore, these devices can also realize a redundant query. It ASIC devices are used to insert the standard demanded by the market functions and features into the sensor.

The inductive proximity switches with M12-threaded IP 68 and extremely high life expectancy is completely gas tight, and has the highest available in the market work and peak compressive strength. Like all high-pressure resistant series sensors, the P P12 for extremely dynamic pressure loads suitable for high pressure and high vacuum applications up 10-8 torr (x 1,33 10-8 bar).

The life expectancy of the high pressure sensor is at least resistant 1.000.000 pressure cycles. He is due to its simple structure, completely insensitive bar by dynamic stresses and pressures up to 1000. The pressure resistance to working pressures up 500 cash provided by a sensor on the shrunken head in the stainless steel case Ceramic Disc. The entire electronics module is located behind the wheel in the unpressurized interior portion of the sensor housing. Nevertheless, the sensor reaches a switching distance of 1,5 mm. The proximity switch has a tenfold higher life expectancy than the market standard.

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