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MegatronDue to their modular design with a separation of the sensor head and capsule, the magnetic rotary encoders of the â € ž "series can be usedEco Turn“Combine from Megatron into numerous designs. Technical details make it a high-quality alternative for conductive plastic potentiometers when used as a programmable sensor or adjuster. Its robustness and flexibility are also advantageous compared to optical encoders. It can implement adjustable angles of rotation between 0 and 360 °. Every desired angle can be programmed as a full scale. The non-contact magnetic measuring method with Hall sensors is not only less susceptible to wear than potentiometer solutions with conductive plastic, it is also vibration-resistant and can therefore also be used in environments that overwhelm other sensor technologies. The sensor capsule is filled with a sealing compound so that vibrations and other environmental influences have no effect. The electronics are optimally protected and at the same time this part of the sensor is waterproof. For mechanical connection to the machine, there is the possibility of mounting via bushing or flange as well as a version that does completely without shaft and bearing. Here a magnet is attached to the machine shaft to be measured using a magnetic holder. As a result, shaft diameters from 4 to 12 mm can be covered as standard. The Eco Turn is also ideal for security-related tasks. The series contains fully redundant versions, in which the supply voltage, ground, and output signal are completely separated. The customer decides whether the signal curves should run uniformly or in opposite directions. A switching output is available for sizes 28 mm and larger.

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