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BaumerTo the encoder program from Baumer belong to the robust optical encoders of the HOG-86 family, which can be installed quickly and easily even under harsh environmental conditions. The high-shaft rotary encoders, which correspond to protection class IP66 as standard, are designed for ambient temperatures between -40 ° and +100 ° C and satisfy explosion protection according to II G / D 3. They are available with a direct cable outlet, radial flange socket or with a terminal box rotatable by 180 °. In the latter variant, the cable can be conveniently connected in the workshop and only needs to plug the terminal box into the desired position on the encoder. With a second housing layer under the connection cover, the electronics remain permanently protected even during installation. The torque arm, which can be installed in over ten different positions, makes installation even more flexible.

Thanks to the two-sided and generously dimensioned bearing, the rotary encoder can cope with large shocks and vibrations as well as shaft loads of up to 200 N axial or 300 N radial. The output signals can still be reliably evaluated in control stations up to 500 m away. An electrical insulation of the ball bearings permanently prevents damage to the balls and the running surfaces by wave currents. Optionally, the encoders are also available with electrically insulated and durable hybrid ball bearings, which doubles the already long service life of the bearings. Furthermore, it is possible to use the encoders with an integrated function monitoring, the "Enhanced Monitoring System" (EMS). It is based on a fast microprocessor that continuously monitors all encoder functions over the entire speed range. In the event of an error, warning messages are output and also visualized directly on the device. With the redundant version HOG 86 M the function control is standard. This encoder provides two-channel relative position or speed sensing, a feature often required for fault detection in equipment.

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