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baumerThe new analog absolute encoders of Baumer work with a high resolution of 14 bit on singleturn execution. In the multiturn variant, which detects positions over several revolutions, further 16 bits are available in the multiturn range. The measured values ​​are updated in less than 130 μs and then output as analog current signal (4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 20 mA) or voltage signal (0 ... 10 V or -10 ... + 10 V) , As a result, very fine gradations can be achieved over the entire measuring range.

For reset function and direction selection control inputs are available. With single-turn encoders, different angles of rotation between 0 and 360 degrees can be set at the factory. An integrated self-diagnosis continuously monitors the rotary encoder function. So can be z. B. detect temperature overruns or cable break early.

Depending on the version, the analog encoders fulfill the requirements up to IP65 protection and operate at ambient temperatures between -20 ° and + 100 ° C. They are suitable for operating speeds up to 8000 min-1 at a starting torque of less than 0,01 Nm. Current and voltage outputs are short-circuit proof. Even in rather harsh ambient conditions, the encoders work reliably. Its durable housing is made of aluminum as standard, the shaft of stainless steel. Optionally, stainless steel versions are also available.

Typical application examples can be found in angle measurement in position control circuits on presses, in tilting and lifting technology and in machine tools as well as on automatic handling machines or flattening machines.

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