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IntactonAll "OptipactIntacton sensors, which are used for non-contact length and speed measurement, can be connected to a PC via an RS232 interface and easily configured using the company's Sensor Configurator software. In addition to the resolution, among other things, the camera parameters (frame rate, exposure time and illumination) can be set and various measurement options (length measurement of piece goods, signal filters) activated.

Simple graphical user interface is provided by a graphical user interface, which also offers extensive diagnostic options. The "Pixel Cam" mode allows, for example, to evaluate the recording quality of the area camera without material movement: Users can determine whether the working distance to the object is correct, if the sensor detects the material to be measured, if the light reflected from the object is sufficient and whether the conditions for a dynamic distance measurement are given. Finally, the "Online Parameter" mode makes it possible to display the time profile of various signals, such as the detected material speed, and to subsequently evaluate them, for example. For example, to export to Microsoft Excel.
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