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wake dorffWith the "EnDra "-Multiturn technology opens up completely new application areas for absolute encoders, z. As in elevator construction, mobile machines, medical technology, alternative energy production and machine and apparatus construction. The energy wire (EnDra) from Wachendorff eliminates the previously required gearboxes and batteries in encoders. This marks a milestone in miniaturization, zero maintenance and environmental friendliness for absolute multiturn encoders and a "creative destruction" is inevitable.

An absolute rotary encoder sends for positioning in z. B. a production or packaging machine, a position value of the wave, the singleturn position. If you want to record the absolute value beyond one revolution, the number of revolutions is recorded in addition to the single-turn position. This is called a multiturn encoder. The position information is usually sent to a controller via a protocol via an intelligent interface (eg Canbus). Due to the rotational movement from the application, the rotary encoder has mechanical energy available. If they succeed in converting sufficient electrical energy to write the number of revolutions into an electric meter, then you have not invented the perpetual motion machine, but you have invented an energy self-sufficient counter for the revolution count. A dynamo does not work, because even the smallest rotational movements can occur at low speed.

The operating principle of the EnDra multiturn technology is based on a Wiegand wire, which consists of a hard magnetic sheath and a soft magnetic core. The absolute position per revolution (singleturn) is measured with a magnet on the rotating shaft and four Hall sensors. If the field of the magnet moves along the Wiegand wire by rotation of the shaft, the soft magnetic core wants to follow the field, the hard magnetic shell prevents this. In the wire, an ever greater field difference arises (as when stretching a bow). As soon as the external field reaches the coercive force of the jacket, the jacket is demagnetized and the built-up voltage of the core jumps around. This speed-independent pulse is generated twice per revolution and converted into electrical impulses via a coil. These pulses generate enough energy to operate a low-energy fram memory and also serve to inform the number of revolutions made. For this revolution count no additional external energy is needed. If external voltage is applied again, an intelligent microcontroller calculates the correct value from the position and the number of revolutions and sends the value to the controller.

According to Wachendorff, the technology can completely change the market. In Germany alone, 250.000 batteries and transmissions would probably no longer have to be used each year. Due to the limitations of outdated technologies with transmission or battery, new fields such as wind energy, medical technology, elevator technology, mobile machinery and mechanical engineering are being continuously developed.

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