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kueblerWith the largest rotary encoder in the portfolio, Kübler is entering new fields of application. The "Sendix Heavy-Duty H100 " is an extremely robust incremental encoder. Optionally, a mechanical speed switch can be integrated as safe protection against overspeed. Thanks to the special HD-Safety-Lock design, extremely high bearing loads up to 300 N axial and 400 N radial are achieved.

The typical temporary encoder overloads, for example due to axial overload during installation or high vibrations, are largely tolerated. Previous damage or even a failure of the encoder in the field are thus avoided. This makes it ideally suited for applications in heavy industry such as steel mills and cranes. Even the toughest working conditions can not harm the durable device. Thus, the wide bearing distance and extra large and robust flange bearings increase the load capacity and service life.

The cover-side movable bearing in turn avoids internal stress. The tracking scanning unit ensures consistent signal quality with high temperature expansion, whereby the sensor unit is mechanically decoupled from the housing. The temperature range from -40 ° to + 100 ° C, the IP66 protection and seawater-proof material, the double seal on the shaft side, a friction seal against moisture and the additional labyrinth seal against dust penetration and protection of the friction seal against jet water guarantee high resistance to adverse environmental influences. And finally, the feather keyway of the shaft guarantees the perfect form fit to the application.

The innovative pluggable spring terminals in the connection hood allow easy and quick connection of the cable. Thanks to this pluggability, the encoder installation and electrical installation can be carried out separately. This makes installation in the field easier. This considerably simplifies the replacement of the encoder during maintenance.

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