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TurckThe Rotation angle sensor family by Turck works according to the measuring principle of the inductive linear position sensors of the LI series. Even with the new RI sensors, the angular position is not detected by a magnetic position sensor, but by inductive resonant circuit coupling. Thus, the sensor is absolutely insensitive to magnetic fields, such as those produced by large motors.

The RI sensors have a measuring range of 360 ° with an accuracy of 0,15% of the final value. The separate assembly of sensor unit and position sensor as well as an offset compensation of ± 4 mm guarantee easy installation and safe operation of the sensors. The position sensor can be flexibly mounted on solid or hollow shafts. The non-contact principle compensates for application-related bearing tolerances just as reliably as vibrations caused by the out-of-roundness of waves. This guarantees a high linearity. The sensor also adapts to the environment on the output side: 0 ... 10V, 4 ... 20mA, 0,5 ... 4,5V and SSI interfaces are available.

With their high immunity to interference, rugged housing, and long mechanical life, RI sensors are ideal for a wide range of applications, such as rotor blade pitching on wind turbines, solar panel trackers, or in turnstile entrance systems used in supermarkets call.

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