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Micro-Epsilon presents the new product group of "Main Sensors" ("Magneto-inductive"). The standard industrial version called MDS-40-M30 has 40 mm measuring range and is housed in a cylindrical M30 stainless steel housing. The OEM alternative with miniaturized square plastic housing bears the name MDS-40-MK and also provides 40 mm measuring range. Remarkable with these sensors are the very compact design in relation to the measuring range.

The manufacturer has long been known on the market as a specialist for eddy current displacement sensors. This technology was the inspiration for the technological core of the new sensors. Thus both very fast and very high resolution measurements can be realized. The sensors have an extremely high basic sensitivity and temperature stability. The target is a small permanent magnet on the test object. The signal output delivers 4 to 20 mA or 2 to 10 VDC.

In contrast to the widely used Hall principle, the MDS is based on a Micro-Epsilon patented process, which is based on a linear relationship between magnetic position and output signal. Due to the high level of vertical integration, the sensor can be manufactured entirely in the Micro-Epsilon Group and does not require any semiconductor manufacturing processes. The sensors of the MDS family are thus an interesting alternative to conventional displacement sensors for OEM applications in machine and apparatus engineering as well as in the automotive industry or white goods.

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