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sensortechnicsSensortechnics' SSO series OEM stainless steel pressure sensors measure relative and absolute pressures in ranges from 200 mbar to 35 bar. The fully welded, media-insulated stainless steel constructions with G 1 / 8 threaded connection allow high media resistance when used with corrosive liquids and gases. The SSO sensors are precision calibrated and temperature compensated to provide highly accurate and long-term stable output signals. The fully analogue compensation technique allows almost unlimited resolution and fast sensor response times.

The pressure sensors of the SSO series are based on proven piezoresistive silicon sensor elements. The laser-matched resistor networks on a ceramic substrate are permanently protected from environmental influences such as moisture or dirt by a special coating. As a further housing variant, a membrane version with welding ring is available. In addition, Sensortechnics offers the fast and flexible adaptation of all stainless steel pressure sensors to special requirements as well as versions with amplified output signal and digital interface.

Typical applications of SSO pressure sensors can be found, for example, in industrial control engineering, medical technology and metrology

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