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megatronSuccess Story

Thanks to the miter saw used in a sensor moves the blade from only the material necessary for completely separating the cutting path. This allows efficient operation and accurate positioning. The magnetic absolute encoder of Megatron can be used in almost any industrial application.

"Kastoflex" is a miter saw to cut from the bottom of the turntable. It belongs to the range in the field of metal cutting saws Kasto Maschinenbau GmbH in the construction of this series to determine the blade-altitude path a sensor is needed that can determine the exact position of the saw blade to make the economic machine. Moves the sheet to the processing of the material up too far, precious time is lost. It moves but not high enough, the material to be cut is not completely separated, and the leaf stuck in solid. Damage the blade or even the whole machine can be the result. The ideal would be so if the leaf leaving only the material needed for completely separating the cutting path. It was necessary to consider the attribution of different blade diameter.

The travel path of the sheet can be determined by the changing angle relative to the machine frame. Ensure a very accurate and also more economical sensor is needed. Due to the technical requirements, the placement of the pre-production was done with the magnetic absolute encoder MAB25A by Megatron, who could be installed without modifications to the engine. Especially convincing is the accuracy of the sensor, bi, because inaccuracies upon return due to hysteresis in the sensor leads to an incorrect position information.

Compact and wear-free angle measurement

Magnetic absolute encoder enable a compact and wear-free angle measurement, and can be used in any industrial application. By MAB25A with plastic housing Megatron has a particularly economical solution in the program. The magnetic measuring principle makes the sensor wear and vibration resistant, which is suitable for use in the saw particularly important.

Different versions of the MAB25 guarantee a broad range of applications. With input voltages of 5 V and V 8 30 to almost every common industrial low voltage is covered. For battery-powered devices, an input voltage of V 3,3 is possible. Also, the output is selectable: As needed is the absolute encoder voltages of up 0 10 V or power of 4 to 20 mA. In addition, a synchronous serial interface is available.

The MAB25A measure angles with a resolution of 10 or 12 bit corresponding 0,35 °. By default, every full 360 ° encoded, smaller angle than full scale are possible on request. Medium rotation speeds are processed as precise as low. Through the high performance polymer bearing the shaft of the sensor reaches almost the performance of ball bearing systems. Another economic factor is the system-on-chip technology, which enables a cost similar to those of precision potentiometers, but higher order multiples reliability and durability is provides. The details of the absolute encoder convinced. Through the analog interface of MAB25A is to adjust the machine even more simplified and is done either manually or automatically. In the past, multi-turn sat Kasto of Megatron one for set point adjustment of machines and reached for the detection angle of the new saws back on the reliable supplier.

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