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The optimal way to more efficiency in production is standardization, although the demands on individualization are increasing. But is that possible? After all, every industry, every machine, every application needs the right technical solution. A good example of this are sensorswhose properties must always be precisely tailored to the specific application. For Baumer applies: standard must not mean average. In six dimensions, the sensor specialist gives its performance promise "Beyond the standard".

No question: standardized components offer tangible benefits: they enable faster product development through the efficient reuse of the existing. Familiarity with the component makes it easier to ensure quality and reduces the susceptibility to errors. In addition, they reduce operating costs, not least because component storage is simplified and replacement components are available more quickly.

But how can the desire for more flexible manufacturing be matched with that of standardization, in this case of sensors? A multitude of potential applications require that sensor manufacturers offer correspondingly extensive variants, which together result in a complete and optimally matched portfolio. This allows the customer to easily select the appropriate and optimal solution from an established, comprehensive product range.

Users should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Which sensor principle and which sensor technology are optimal for the respective application?
  • What are the performance requirements, for example with regard to the accuracy or speed of the measurement?
  • Which housing size, design and mounting method is required?
  • Which communication interfaces are used?
  • Is a flexibly adjustable or a fixed sensor needed?

Ideally, the sensor provider will provide an appropriate sensor for each answer to these questions. With a standard range that is broad enough, the user can then choose the optimal solution without having to first develop it. A special solution only needs to be developed in situations where an application is actually too specific to be covered by the portfolio. However, even with such an individual development, the advantage is that it can be derived from the established standards and thus benefit indirectly from them.

Added value with standard

But is "standard" enough for the requirements at all? According to Baumer, his sensors are the standard solution that sets a new standard. The standardized sensors would give users added value over competitive products.

Their comprehensive and in-depth expertise in sensor physics, the intelligent processing of sensor signals and the high quality of construction make them more precise. Turning off disturbing influences makes them more reliable. They are longer lasting due to long-term high resistance to temperature fluctuations, mechanical stress and aggressive atmospheric influences. Intelligent digital information processing for the evaluation and improvement of sensor signals, comfortable and simple operation and adjustment options as well as the use of bidirectional interfaces give the Baumer sensors more intelligent functions. They are easier to use, easy to integrate, install, configure and maintain, and their compact dimensions deliver more performance in the tightest of spaces.

With Beyond the Standard, Baumer communicates standard components that go far beyond the usual features.

Beyond the standard impressions

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