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Baumer0419Count, measure, detect - sensors from Baumer have a clearly defined task in machines and plants. There is a lot more in the small powerhouses. Numerous sensors from Baumer therefore have IO-Link, a fast communication interface that transmits not only the actual measured values, but plenty of additional information - in both directions.

IO-Link-capable sensors communicate with a master that addresses up to eight sensors. Thus, parameter data can be exchanged, for example to automatically distribute the parameter data stored in the master to many sensors. In this way, a sensor can also be adjusted more precisely to an application, especially if a machine processes different objects. Another advantage: A sensor can be used in another function, an inductive sensor, for example, as a frequency meter or counter. IO-Link is thus an important building block for digitization and a must for industry 4.0.

Despite the advantages, it is still unclear to some users what benefits they have from IO-Link. For example, the sensor can use the IO-Link "neural pathways" to indicate how good the signal quality is or whether a certain temperature has been exceeded. Such diagnostic data is interesting for business models for predictive maintenance. It is also useful to transmit several process data at the same time Series O300 with IO-Link with IO-Link both a switching signal and distance measured values. And if a sensor needs to be replaced, identification data provides information about the type, serial number and application of the sensor.

Competitors also offer sensors with IO-Link. But the powerful interface is only worth half if these sensors are not fit to take advantage of the powerful features. The technology leader for sensors offers users a comprehensive interaction with their sensors and thus real added value in everyday operation.

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