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Efficient and precise measure the magnetic Absolute encoders of the series "EAM580 / 360" from Baumer, According to the manufacturer, they surpass all competitor products with comparable robustness and longevity in terms of absolute angular accuracy.

"Users repeatedly report that EAM encoders produce visibly better results than any other magnetic encoders on the market," emphasizes Katharina Blum, Product Manager at Baumer in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. Measurements in the Baumer laboratory show why this is the case: encoders from competitors keep the values ​​promised in the data sheet, if at all, only under ideal conditions, but not in demanding environmental conditions. "The EAM encoders have an angular precision of ± 0,15 ° - guaranteed and at the specified wide working conditions," says Ms. Blum.

The secret of the EAM encoder is the sophisticated interplay of the patent pending refined arrangement of magnetic and magnetic sensors, an extremely powerful, energy-efficient microprocessor and the best signal-processing algorithms for conversion, filtering and interpolation of the measured values. All this is shock-packed (until 500 g) and vibration resistant (up to 30 g). The extra robust EAM R series is also for excellent corrosion resistance (CX), the use in vehicles (E1 compliant), and functionally safe applications designed (through PLD).

In the wide EAM portfolio, the encoder with the right dimensions, interfaces and properties designed for its application can be found both for stationary use in the factory and in mobile applications.

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