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Iveco operates Condition Monitoring with Smart Observer from IFMSuccess Story

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Iveco is a worldwide manufacturer of trucks and commercial vehicles. The Suzarra plant near Mantova in northern Italy rolls 250 a day Transport of the type "Daily" from the tape. In the so-called bodyshop from Iveco will the Body composed of trucks and commercial vehicles. Welding robots join pre-punched sheet metal parts on a 100 m long production line. The diagnostic tool LR Smartobserver and different sensors by IFM Electronic provides condition-based maintenance there.

Vibration sensors from IFMThe Iveco bodyshop represents a critical point, because a standstill at this point would stop the entire production. That is why Iveco, together with the automation specialist, has a comprehensive range Diagnostic system installed for condition monitoring, which allows condition monitoring and thus effectively prevents unplanned production downtimes.

Beginning wear and failure analysis

Condition monitoring started with Analysiswhich mechanical parts in the machines are particularly critical with regard to wear and failure are. Whether assembly lines or lifting platforms: the greatest mechanical stresses arise on them, more precisely on their bearings. A damage event at this point of the machine would result in a substantial production stop.

Flow monitoring sensorsAmodio Cioffi, Maintenance Engineering Robot Iveco SPA: “We decided to have one condition-based maintenance to be carried out on the most important line in the body shop, as all variants are produced there by the van. In this production line, the side parts are first led to the floor assembly. Then the cross struts are attached and then the roof is put on. The transports to the welding stations are fully automated. Then the different body styles go into further processing. "

In order to ensure maximum availability of the system, an imminent wear of machine components must be detected at an early stage. Fabio Piccinelli, WCM Plant Support Iveco SPA: "For continuous improvement, we are always on the lookout for new technologies to increase efficiency and productivity. As far as maintenance is concerned, we have moved from cycle-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance, with significant cost savings. "

Alarming vibration diagnosis

Specifically, this meant that all the mechanical parts of the plant were being used vibration sensors installed by IFM. The cylindrical sensors of type VSA are screwed directly to the housing of the respective bearing or gear. The separately installed VSE evaluation units continuously analyze the vibration behavior. They recognize impending damage due to imbalance and give an alarm in good time. Guiseppe Sotira, Body Shop Technical Engineering Iveco SPA: “All sensors installed help the maintenance personnel to: State of wear to recognize every component in real time and to take any necessary maintenance measures before real damage occurs. ”

Reliable fluid monitoring

Evaluation unit and IO-Link masterCondition-based maintenance goes far beyond monitoring mechanical components. An example is that Monitoring the coolant in the welding guns. Clogged filters or leaks are possible sources of error. Monitor here Flow Sensors for small flows of type SBY the flow and pressure sensors of type PN the pressure in the lines.

The central cooling circuit system, the flow sensor SM monitors the flow. The compressed air system is reliably monitored with an SD. Even the smallest leaks are reliably detected.

Digital IO-Link data transmission

Diagnostic tool LR SmartobserverAll sensors transmit their measured values ​​digitally via IO-Link. Roberto Militello, Body Shop Maintenance Iveco SPA: “IO-Link transfers the data digitally for reliable process control. The measurement signal is converted into digital data in the sensor and passed on. In addition, we can program the switching points of the sensor for pre-alarm and alarm directly from the server without having to go to the sensor on site. We can see and calibrate the sensor in the server. Programming is no longer required for an exchange. ”

As Software the "LR Agent" is used. It collects the data from the sensors and stores them in a Microsoft SQL database. The software analyzes and displays this data LR Smartobserver. Again Guiseppe Sotira: “The LR Smartobserver software monitors and manages the measurement data of all sensors. The options for displaying the parameters show a transparent image of the entire production system. Every event can be read exactly. The system sends messages such as pre-alarms or alarms by e-mail. ”The smart observer enables condition-based maintenance that is perfectly integrated in the concept of Industry 4.0 brings in.

Installation during operation

IO-Link pressure sensors instead of mechanical pressure gaugesIFM installed the system for Iveco during operation without having to stop production. In parallel operation, the new system could be tested extensively and it has proven itself. Imminent damage is now recognized early and rectified without production downtime. In conclusion, Guiseppe Sotira sums it up: "Thanks to this cooperation with IFM, Iveco is ideally equipped for Industry 4.0".

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