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Success Story

Smart City is the future of our cities, a trend in the Mobile automationthat does not leave the topic of waste disposal untouched. Vehicles that automatically pick up, empty and dispose of waste containers are now part of the streetscape in many communities. As a specialist for such modern waste disposal systems is the Villiger AG in Oberrüti, Switzerland. Numerous sensors from Baumer ensure reliable operation.

The product range of Oberrüti ranges from overhead and underground containers to lift and crane systems to mobile cleaning systems for waste containers. With waste disposal systems installed in Switzerland and Europe via 150.000, the company is one of the industry leaders and sets new standards with innovative disposal solutions.

Special gripping and holding mechanism

Baumer21018One example is the "Speed ​​Lifter" disposal system (picture above). Equipped with a special gripping and holding mechanism, the so-called gripper, it enables automatic and gentle handling of the waste container. A whole range of different sensors help ensure that the gripper guides the containers quickly and safely. Drawbar position sensors monitor, for example, the length and angle of the boom, absolute rotary encoder its rotation, inductive sensors the position of the support feet and inclination sensors are used for stability control. These measurements can be used to set the maximum work area. Finally, the disposal vehicle must not tilt even in adverse conditions, for example when working on steep roads or uneven ground.

In search of suitable sensors, the Swiss waste disposal specialists in the Baumer product portfolio quickly found what they were looking for, as the sensor expert offers a wide range of robust sensor solutions: from tilt and angle measurement for rotatable bodies to presence control and position measurements for moving parts up to towards load, hydraulic pressure and level measurements. Numerous variants are specially designed for mobile automation and also available in redundant design. Optimized for higher shock and vibration loads, as well as dirt and temperature fluctuations, they meet the E1 requirements, offer corrosion protection to C5-M and degrees of protection up to IP69K. Many sensors with ISO 13849 compliant firmware have been developed for use in functionally safe systems.

Robust sensors on the boom

Baumer31018The compact Cable way sensor "GCA5", Which reliably detects the grip extension of the gripper, is very robust and specially designed for the requirements of outdoor mobile use. There is also a redundant version. Due to the low mounting depth of 65 mm, the cable puller could be mounted on the crane boom of the Speed ​​Lifter to save space. With its housing made of impact-resistant plastic, the corrosion-resistant stainless steel cable with abrasion-resistant nylon sheath and the non-contact, wear-free, magnetic scanning, the GCA5 is ideal for reliable and low-maintenance waste disposal. Electronics and stainless steel spring are sealed against the cable drum. A flexible, integrated dirt deflector at the cable entry additionally protects all components from moisture and other damaging environmental influences. The maximum measuring range is 4,7 m, with a resolution of 0,3 mm and a linearity of ± 0,5% of the measuring range.

The rotation precisely under control

However, the other sensors used on the Speed ​​Lifter are also robust and precise. The rotation of the cantilever arm, for example, with the redundant and magnetic Absolute Encoder "EAM580R" detected. With its high absolute angular accuracy up to 0,15 degrees, it precisely positions. With its E1-compliant design for high electromagnetic compatibility, IP67 protection and C5-M corrosion resistance, this sensor is also designed for demanding outdoor applications. For maximum reliability, the firmware has been developed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 13849. As a result, the rotary encoders can be used as standard components in functionally safe systems up to PLd. Connectivity is simplified by automotive connectors common in the automotive industry (AMP). Thanks to its compact dimensions, the rotary encoder can be mounted in the cantilever of the Speed ​​Lifter to save space.

Communication via CAN open

Baumer41018Their measuring signals pass on the sensors used in the Speed ​​Lifter to the control of the disposal vehicle via a CANopen interface. Absolute encoders of the series "BMMH58For example, monitor the angle of the boom. Inductive switches of the IR18 series are used in the positioning of the support feet. On Tilt sensor of the series "GNAMG"Is used to control the stability of the vehicle. Based on all these diagnostic data, the controller determines the maximum working range. The prepared data is visualized in a chart diagram, so that the driver has the maximum working area at all times and accordingly can position his vehicle safely and efficiently.

The robust sensors have proven themselves for use in modern waste disposal vehicles. Villiger AG also likes working with the sensor specialists in other projects. For example, Baumer sensors are also used in the "CD 300" mobile cleaning system, which enables systematic and cost-optimized care for maintaining the value of waste containers.

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