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Baumer0818Absolute encoders of the EAL580 series by Baumer offer the highest variance of real-time Ethernet interfaces with Profinet, Ethercat and Ethernet / IP. For applications in plant engineering and mechanical engineering, the EAL580 not only offer state-of-the-art communication stacks, but also a very space-saving and economic design with radial connections and an extremely short installation depth of 47 mm.

Numerous encoder features support easy integration and commissioning in the application. A rotary coding switch can be used to set the desired IP address directly on the device. A preset / reset button makes it easy to set specific position values ​​as for a reference. A plausibility check during device parameterization as well as detailed status messages provide necessary information on site. The device status is also visualized via multicolor LEDs. The EAL580 supports maximum availability of machines and systems through Device Level Ring (DLR). When an interrupt is made in a branch of a network in ring topology, all encoder data is nevertheless sent to the controller.

The EAL580 is currently the most compact 58 mm rotary encoder with continuous hollow shaft. As a result, it can be optimally integrated into a machine or a drive train and enables the simple construction of redundant systems. Thanks to the radial cable outlet, costly angle connectors and tight, fault-prone bending radii of the connection cables are avoided.

The field-proven, all-optical "Optoturn" technology for single and multi-turn position detection ensures maximum accuracy and maximum magnetic field resistance. Thanks to a web server integrated in the rotary encoder, the device is ready for the requirements of the industrial Internet of Things. By diagnosing data such as position, speed, temperature or operating hours, processes can be optimized as required and the design of machines and plants can be improved.

Whether new development or redesign of machines and systems, the compact OptoTurn EAL580 with all current real-time Ethernet interfaces supports easy device integration and highest system availability.

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