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steute0718With the Sensor Bridge Steute represents a new and central component for the Radio network "Swave-NET" in front. As a classic middleware, this software interface processes all messages received by the radio switching devices and sensors in the field and bundled by the access points. These messages pass on the Sensor Bridge to the registered applications.

The installation of the Sensor Bridge in a factory closes the gap between the high security requirements in manufacturing and the connected world of digital services. The Sensor Bridge acts as a "translator" between different protocols as well as the administration level of the wireless network.

Simplified data integration, secure local preprocessing, and detailed usage statistics are additional features of the Sensor Bridge, making it a key data hub for today's production environments and digital business models in the industry.

Thanks to the universal connectivity of the interface, the Sensor Bridge can be integrated into any production environment. The selection of supported protocols is continuously expanded. Rest (XML / json), http (s) Notifications and Modbus TCP are currently available, without the need for additional hardware.

First applications of the Swave.NET are implemented, among others, in e-Kanban systems and in the communication of automated guided vehicles (FTS) with the higher-level control.

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