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Provided with the Profisafe interface module "SK TU4-PNS" Nord Drive Systems another plus in safety. The option board meets the highest security requirements, allows the flexible integration of various security components and ensures secure communication in Profinet environments.

Profisafe is the world's leading end-to-end technology for security applications in manufacturing and process automation. With SIL3 and PLe (Performance Level e) category 4, the fail-safe communication protocol fulfills the highest security requirements. Together with a secure PLC the communicates Drive Electronics Reliable in Profinet via Profsafe.

Plug-in connections allow safe inputs and outputs to be connected to the application, for example for emergency stop switches and light grids. A rotary encoder can be connected to monitor the safe drive function. The module has two redundant microprocessors and is self-monitoring.

Different safe motion functions can be easily integrated and thus extend the safe stop functions of the drives: SLS (Safety Limited Speed), SSR (Safe Speed ​​Range), SDI (Safe Direction), SOS (Safe Operation Stop) and SSM (Safe Speed ​​Monitor). Thus, the Profisafe module offers comprehensive safety for the reliable operation of systems and machines.

The module is suitable for both control panel and distributed installations and is available for the Nordac Link, Nordac Flex and Nordac Pro inverters.

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