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emtrionEspecially for applications in which space is scarce, Emtrion developed Mini PCI interface for the CAN bus with four CAN interfaces. These were only available with a maximum of two CAN channels. If more channels were needed, another more costly solution had to be resorted to. The CAN interface with its 32-bit processor is able to independently filter out the relevant CAN telegrams from the CAN network in order to forward them only to the associated CPU.

The module is designed for four independent CAN channels CAN 2.0B / CAN 2.0A and supports all common bit rates (CiA-DS-102) with 100% bus load. Timestamps with 1 μs resolution and internal buffering of up to 250 CAN telegrams are also implemented. The wide temperature range from -40 ° to + 85 ° C as well as the external galvanic isolation ensure the function even in demanding industrial applications. With the four approximately 20 cm long CAN connection cables with plug, the module can be easily installed. Drivers for Windows, Linux 2.6 and QNX are available. With a suitable adapter, the module can also be used universally on the PCI, PCI-104 and PC / 104 + buses.
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