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softing0318 Gateway "Datafeed UA Gate MB"By Softing enables simple and secure integration of process and machine data from Modbus controllers into IoT and industry 4.0 solutions. It is a gateway for communication between Modbus controllers in industrial networks and applications in IT.

The product allows access to the process and machine data of the controllers via the OPC UA interoperability standard or via the MQTT protocol. It supports relevant IT security standards, such as SSL encryption and X.509 certificates. Several applications can be connected in parallel via the gateway.

OPC UA has established itself as the interoperability standard for OT / IT integration, and MQTT is the preferred communications protocol for many cloud-based applications and IoT platforms. The new gateway also supports hybrid architectures in which parts of the overall solution run on-site, other parts in the cloud.

The gateway is low-maintenance, robust and based on the same hardware platform as the proven Datafeed US Gate SI gateway.

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