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pepperl04172SPS IPC Drives Hall 7A, Booth 330

Sensors collect data from silos, containers or mobile machines and make them available on the Internet. The result is the Internet of Things, which manages machines, tracks goods and optimizes warehousing. Pepperl + Fuchs As part of the Solution Park, it shows which hardware and software components are already available today to bring sensor data to the Internet and how this information can be used to optimize business processes.
Different ways are shown how sensor data from products and machines reach the internet to optimize the business process from there.

The "Sensor data as a Service" exhibit demonstrates with which hardware and software components RFID read / write heads or classic industrial sensors can be connected to the Internet. This connection is made with the help of commercially available hardware components on which software connectors or agents are played in order to be able to connect the existing automation components to different cloud platforms such as "Cumulocity" or "Neoneon".

pepperl04171The exhibit "Automatic Asset Administration" demonstrates the complete way of the sensor data from a sample machine over an Internet gateway up to the representation in an inventory management. The business process of this inventory management is mapped by the SAP application Leonardo. It shows how the electronic components in the system can log on and off automatically. This eliminates the need for manual documentation and the replacement of sensors or actuators, which makes it easy to validate entire systems at runtime.

Can a simple cleaning silo talk to the internet? The answer to this question is the exhibit "IoT level management". It shows how the passive "Ding" cleaning silo can be equipped with an autonomous level sensor, which transmits its data via mobile phone to an Internet platform. The platform not only serves as infrastructure for the wireless sensor, but also as cloud storage for the sensor data. From here, the stored level information can be transmitted to other Internet platforms or other business applications. The SAP Connected Goods application shows how a consignment storage system can be organized on the basis of this sensor data.
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