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For the non-contact detection of, for example, containers in e-Kanban shelves has steute the much improved version of the Wireless light sensor RF 96 LT developed. It is housed in a compact rectangular housing that can be easily mounted in shelving systems and on machines.

Both the response time of the RF 96 LT and the switching frequency of approx. 1 Hz have been significantly increased compared to the previous version. Energy consumption has also been optimized. The power is supplied by a longlife battery.

Among the first applications of the wireless sensor is the occupancy detection of automated guided vehicles (FTS) with conveyed, z. B. with transport boxes. The maximum switching distance in the detection z. For example, a red storage box is 120 mm, for blue boxes it is 90 mm.

With these functions, the RF 96 LT offers the designer an alternative to the frequently used electromechanical wireless position switches. There are two basic versions available. One is suitable for wireless communication with an associated "Swave" receiving unit on the 868 MHz band (or in other regions 915 or 922 kHz). The other one settles in Swave.NET radio networks Integrate several dozens or even hundreds of wireless switching devices via access points with higher-level IT systems.

These wireless networks are used in particular in intralogistics, such as e-Kanban systems, FTS fleets, (partly) automated order-picking systems and position monitoring of roll-up doors and loading bridges of logistics centers.
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