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The Schmersal group shows for the first time a safety-to-cloud solution. All interlocks and Safety sensors The manufacturer, which is equipped with an SD interface, as well as some safety light curtains can transmit data to any cloud via the PSC1 safety controller or an SD gateway as well as an edge gateway.

The SD (serial diagnostic) interface is used to transmit non-secure data from safety sensors and catches in the safe series connection. With the Smart Safety Solution, all cyclic SD interface sensor data can be transmitted to the cloud. Linking these cyclic SD data within the cloud offers the user extensive diagnostic options. These include z. As switching cycles, the state situation of safety, limit area warnings, distance warnings and much more. The edge gateway forwards the data in OPC UA format.

This diagnostic information can be visualized on screens and accessed via mobile devices such as tablets or cell phones. This enables location-independent control of production processes. For the visualization of data via dashboards z. For example, the popular cloud platform Microsoft Azure is used.

"With this we offer our customers an absolutely manufacturer- and system-independent solution, so that they can freely decide which cloud they want to use", explains Siegfried Rüttger, Project Manager Industry 4.0 at the Schmersal Group and further: "By creating a Smart Safety Solution Enable consistent communication of diagnostic information from the sensor to the cloud, paving the way for predictive maintenance. "

For example, users can view how often a machine has started up and calculate the number of operating hours and expected wear on components, allowing for early replacement and avoiding machine downtime.

Safety light grids can also be integrated into the system. If, for example, soiling of the sensors of the light curtains occurs and the signal consequently weakens, a warning message can be transmitted so that corrective measures can be taken early on before the light grid switches off safely.
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