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With the Communication module GSM-PRO2 offers Conta-Clip An economical telecontrol and remote maintenance solution for distributed applications via 2G / 3G wireless networks, where the number of inputs and outputs can be adapted as required by I / O extension modules. The multifunctional I / O module automatically informs users via SMS or e-mail when the monitored process has reached a certain status or exceeds defined limits. At the same time, control rooms or service technicians can also switch the digital relay outputs of the GSM-PRO2 via SMS.

Various log functions can be used to log the communication processes of the module, the process values ​​at the analog inputs and the activation of the inputs and outputs over time. The log files can either be read via USB connection, sent to an e-mail address or displayed in the web-based portal. The basic version of GSM-PRO2 has two inputs that can be configured as required for digital (24 V DC) or analog (0..10 V / 0..20 mA) signals, a pulse counter input with maximum resolution of 1000 pulses per second and a relay output with universal contact.

With integrated connectors, up to 15 I / O expansion modules can be connected to the GSM-PRO2, which is available in four different versions: GSM-PRO-10DI has ten 24-V digital inputs, GSM-PRO-8AI eight individually adjustable multifunction inputs (0..10V, 0 (4) .. 20 mA, NTC, RTD). The output modules are GSM-PRO-4DO with four relay outputs for continuous currents up to 16 A and GSM-PRO-4AO with four 0 ... 10V analog outputs.

For particularly simple monitoring and control of the communication module is an app for iPhone and Android ready, which allows a quick status overview of all inputs and outputs of several GSM-PRO2 modules. The parameterization of the GSM-PRO2 by means of web browser-based software requires no programming knowledge; Firmware updates and configuration changes can also be easily made online after installation and commissioning of the modules via the GSM network.
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