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IxxatThe analysis and diagnostic tools of Ixxat will be complemented by the new CBT2plus and the CANobserver, making it even easier to analyze and monitor CAN networks in development, manufacturing and service. The CBT2plus enables fast, yet detailed analysis of signal quality in CAN networks. Due to the diverse trigger possibilities and with the integrated oscilloscope, errors can be easily analyzed and error causes can be quickly identified and corrected.

The CANobserver offers the various monitoring options of the CBT2plus in a version optimized for continuous monitoring. With it, CAN-based networks can be permanently monitored. In the event of deteriorating signal quality, it sends messages by e-mail, SNMP or sets a digital output independently. Maintenance measures can thus be carried out in good time before faults occur in the network.

In combination with the CANcorder, the manufacturer's data logger, even sporadic errors and their causes can be detected and corrected. Thus, the portfolio of test and diagnostic devices covers the entire range from development through production to service - from Cananalyser and CBT2plus in the field of CAN device development to CANcheck as CAN test equipment for the production of CAN devices. Systems, up to the CANobserver for continuous monitoring of CAN networks.

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