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pepperl0117Rounded off with the new WIS 2 (Wireless Inductive System 2) Pepperl + Fuchs its portfolio of wireless sensor connectivity on moving machine parts upwards through a system with higher performance. The WIS 2 serves both for signal transmission and energy supply of the sensors connected on the secondary side and makes wear-prone drag chains and slip rings superfluous.

The WIS 2 supports performance up to 12 W with transmission distances of 0 ... 7 mm compared to the WIS 1 available for years with maximum 1,5 W or 0 ... 5 mm. In addition to the 8 channel design, a slim 2 channel variant is now available for small applications with up to two sensors.

All system variants use one primary and one secondary transformer, either for two or eight channels. They are designed in cylinder design of size M30 and equipped as standard with 30 cm cables and M12 connectors. Since the transmitters are not paired, the secondary-side transformer is arbitrarily interchangeable. So z. B. communicate any number of different tool carriers easily on the same system.

Suitable sensors are inductive, capacitive, optical or ultrasonic models with binary switching output and conventional 3 wire connection technology. While the 2 channel system uses a space-saving Y-splitter, the 8 trunking system includes an 8 junction box with IP67 protection, which can be installed up to 20 meters away from the transmitter. With regard to cable lengths and connectors, there is a wide selection for every application.

Applications for the WIS 2 can be found on many turntables, presses and change tools, for object recognition on workpiece carriers, on rotary tools, robotic gripper arms and all comparable equipment.
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