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steute0417Logimat 5 Hall, Booth F60

steute represents the further development of the Radio Network "" in front. The basic principle is retained: Wireless switching devices of different types (position switches, foot switches, command devices, magnetic sensors, etc.) are connected to customer IT infrastructures via access points. Examples: Production Planning and Control (PPS), Plant Data Collection (BDE) or Warehouse Management (WMS).

The significantly more compact access points now create the conditions for a more flexible infrastructure. Because the user can do without the previously required application server: the radio signals forwarded by the access points are sent directly to an IP address and processed by the IT system of the user.

At the fair, the manufacturer will present an example of an e-Kanban system that can be used to supply assembly workstations and communicate via Electromechanical wireless position switches report as soon as a container is removed from the kanban rack. Alternatively, the placement of the shelves with containers can also be queried without contact, via newly developed wireless light sensors. The operator communicates with the system via a likewise new wireless HMI device with display.

With the technology is an optimized communication protocol for extremely energy-efficient wireless sensor networks. The dynamic self-organization ensures a low configuration effort, low maintenance and high robustness. Using a special routing method communicating power-saving wireless switches and sensors wirelessly with the access points. Via a web portal, the access points can be integrated into the global IP network.

The second generation of has the choice of three transmission frequencies: 868, 915 and 922 MHz. Thus, the wireless network complies with radio standards in Europe, North America, Australia and Japan and can thus be used worldwide.
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