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With the Router series MRO In April, Insys Icom launches 2017 compact professional routers with high performance on the market. The MRO routers, which are based on the same platform as the MRX modular routers and support edge and cloud computing, expand the device portfolio for the manufacturer's Smart IoT platform.

In addition to the use of the latest technology, the integrated Smartbox, an Linux environment based on the LXC technology for edge computing, is one of the highlights of the new series: With the Icom Smartbox, data can be stored and processed locally as well as programs and scripts independent of routers. Operating system and configuration are executed. This is made possible by Linux containers (LXC), in which different applications run autonomously and completely separate from each other. Since each individual container has its own IP and MAC address, it can be addressed directly behind the router like a virtual device. In this way, additional peripherals can be virtualized, thus saving costs. Both encryption and direct communication between the containers, for example via APIs, is possible.

The routers have a profile manager that makes it easy to make configuration changes, test them, and restore previous configurations as needed. In addition, multiple configurations can be saved in parallel and switched automatically. Thanks to new user roles, access to the router is flexible. In addition, the MRO series features a variety of other IT security features such as event-based messaging.
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