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pepperl30416SPS IPC Drives Hall 7A, Booth 330

Pepperl + Fuchs represents as part of his "Solutions Park"Four solutions are available, with which information from the field level is deepened on the one hand and made available on the other for other levels of automation as well as for continuous communication in the sense of Industrie 4.0. This happens without reacting to the automation hierarchy. The communication solutions can also be integrated into existing systems with little effort.

In the "Automatic Asset Administration" exhibit, the compatibility of the new devices is automatically checked when sensors are replaced, and the new component is also automatically included in the documentation. The documentation always corresponds to the actual inventory. If a new device is not compatible, the technician will receive a warning.

The exhibit "Advanced Machine Monitoring" shows how data can be channeled before further processing and reduced to the necessary. Instead of the usual data accumulation and complex analysis, there are demand-oriented push-signals to trigger a maintenance order. The "cloud-based sensor service" monitors the content of a replenishment container that is filled by hand. If the value falls below a minimum value, the sensor signal is sent via the SmartBridge interface to cloud software, which sends an SMS to the responsible employee. The regular visual inspection is eliminated.

In the "Dimensional Consistency Check" exhibit, a sand core casting mold with laser light-cut sensors is checked in three dimensions for dimensional accuracy. In the case of impermissible deviations, the mold can be sorted out before the time- and cost-intensive casting. The measuring points come directly from the CAD data of the engine design.

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