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Red Lion Controls has its rugged "HMI platform "Graphite"Added the new Core Controller and the Crimson Control Module. It combines communication and control functions to reduce costs and simplify operations. The two hardware products use an enhanced version of the powerful Crimson software with additional Crimson Control functionality to provide a unified programming solution for control, networking and data visualization.

Crimson Control enables the use of IEC 61131 programming languages ​​such as Ladder Diagram (LD), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Structured Text (ST), and Instruction List (STL) by developing a logic controller using the example of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or external controller ( RTU), special application requirements are met at no extra cost. These control functions are now available as part of the following products:

The core controller is a rugged, industrial single control, full metal structure that works with a variety of I / O modules. IEC 61131 control features connect the networking and data visualization capabilities of a Graphite 7-inch HMI Series Graphical Display Unit with no graphic display in addition to the core features of Protocol Transformation, Data Capture, and Web Server Services. The Crimson control module connects to Graphite's HMI operator panels for an all-in-one industrial solution with IEC 61131 control capabilities without the need for extra cabinet space or a separate programming package.

"By adding control and expansion options to our Graphite HMI platform, we can provide companies with even greater communication and control capabilities to enhance factory automation and process control applications," said Paul Bunnell, product management manager at Red Lion Controls. "Customers can easily reduce device cost and complexity by using our new IEC 61131 control features to program logic control code without the need for additional software or hardware."
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