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The current firmware for the "N-Tron "series Red Lion Controls' NT24k-700 / 7000 managed industrial Ethernet switches have been certified by ODVA to meet Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) requirements. With integrated support for CIP, this extensive portfolio of industrial Ethernet switches provides uncomplicated communications for industrial markets such as manufacturing, automotive, electronics, food and beverage.

Industrial factory automation customers in this and other markets need a vendor-neutral approach to configuring and communicating with different devices within their industrial network. CIP is designed for use in process control and industrial automation applications. The protocol provides consistent access to devices and allows monitoring and configuration of CIP devices using a single configuration tool without the need for proprietary software. The NT24k-700 / 7000 rugged managed switches provide access to information and configurations directly to human machine interfaces (HMIs) and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) through standard CIP messaging communication.

With reliable plug-and-play operation, IGMP auto-configuration, and fast boot times, the switches in the range feature standard Ethernet / IP and are designed for optimal performance and maximum uptime in the most demanding conditions. A broad range of CIP-capable managed switches, with rack-mountable and DIN-rail models available, support a range of port configurations and media types. Customers now have the choice of 100 flexible configuration options, including 10 / 100 / 1000 copper ports, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Fiber and Power over Ethernet (PoE).
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