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pepperl03162Pepperl + Fuchs extends its Wireless Hart portfolio by one Adapter called "Bullet", This adapter enables the wireless transmission of measurement, diagnostic and parameter data from 4 ... 20 mA and Hart field devices. If an existing 24 V supply is present in the system, the adapter and the field device can feed on it and transmit data wirelessly to the control system.

In addition, the adapter can be fed via an existing 4 ... 20 mA loop; The step-volt technology allows the user to choose the voltage from 1 to 2,5. Thus, the influence on the 4 ... 20 mA loop is limited by the adapter, whereby the adapter delivers reliable data despite low power supply. It becomes a completely autonomous application when the adapter feeds via a solar panel including a battery.

The extremely robust aluminum housing encloses all electronic components including the antenna - the ideal design for harsh environmental conditions in process plants. Integrators and users have three versions of the adapter with compelling performance and unique selling points: an explosion-proof explosion-proof Ex-d enclosure adapter to Zone1 / 21, Class I, 1 Division, and an intrinsically safe version for use in Zone 0 / 20, Class I, 1 Division and a bullet for the non-Ex area.

In a concrete application, mobile tanks for operating the agitator are already equipped with a power supply. To get information about the contents of the tanks, they are equipped with 4 ... 20 mA and Hart sensors including bullets for controlling agitator drive speed, tank temperature and pressure, as well as the fluid's pH and fluid level ,

The Bullet transmits the collected data from the field devices wirelessly to the control system, thereby guaranteeing the mobility of the rolling mixing tanks. Due to the existing power supply of the motor, the adapters and field devices can feed directly. Thanks to the multidrop concept, the Hart field devices can all be connected to an adapter. The robustness of the bullet allows for regular CIP cleaning processes.

Monitoring the process and diagnostic data of mobile mixing tanks demonstrates how effective and economical wireless hard installations can be with the Bullet.
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