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goehringer0316Critical Incident Reporting Systems (CIRS) are reporting systems for critical occurrences in complex systems. IVG Göhringer offers simple tools for troubleshooting with the various Quicktesters for Profibus, CAN and AS-Interface. Critical events can occur when multiple independent faults occur unexpectedly simultaneously and compromise the health and safety of a plant or personnel.

This is a regular topic for industrial networks and bus systems. With the behavioral psychology CIRS procedure, incidents are recorded and whether or not a certain action improves the situation. From the analysis concrete measures for the improvement of the whole system are derived. The prerequisite for this is an open error culture. Detected defects and defects are eliminated without looking at the polluter. A wide range of training courses and on-the-spot troubleshooting support complete the offerings supporting the user.
Picture: The Swiss Cheese Model shows how critical states can arise from the superimposition of different errors.

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