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hms0216HMS Industrial Networks introduces the Edge gateways against another gateway family for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). With the "Anybus.NET" gateways real-time data of machines can be passed to .NET-based IT applications. Developers receive data directly from the PLC system and can be used in statistics, analysis or maintenance applications. The first .NET gateways are available for Profibus and Profinet.

Prerequisite for the industrial Internet of Things and industry 4.0 is that manufacturing and IT systems to communicate. On the shop floor come fieldbuses and Industrial Ethernet networks are used, which are designed for real-time requirements and usually separated from the IT infrastructure. The Anybus .NET Gateways provide the link, the data from Profibus or Profinet networks with IT platforms can exchange using the .NET Framework. The communication is largely automated set up in a three step process.

Through the transfer of real-time production data to IT systems to many application possibilities, eg predictive maintenance, transfer of indicators (KPIs), analysis of machine data, data extraction and processing for production statistics result. All this is possible without interfering with processes in manufacturing. Typical applications for the gateway are the transmission of KPIs or message extended with structured data types and the rapid transfer of I / O data for "Big Data".

The .NET gateways not only enable the data exchange between production and IT system, but also make the data for the IT side understandable. The exchange of information between the manufacturing and the IT level is defined in a template in the form of a table. Here it is specified how the manufacturing data is made available to the IT application. The code generator automatically generates a customized high-level C # API (events and post methods) based on the template, which can be used directly in the .NET application. At the same time, a GSDML file is created for easy integration of the gateway into the PLC system.
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