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schildtknecht0116To meet the needs of the 4.0 industry and the Internet of Things (IoT), equipment vendors must provide reliable and globally functioning communication solutions. However, many companies are still reluctant to take the step from trusted product or systems businesses to the Internet of Things and global IoT capability of their products and the associated challenges in communications and data technology and services. Support these companies now get from Schildknecht.

The manufacturer of radio gateways offers the complete functionality and service chain for IoT concepts from the initial consultation over device parameterization, sensor coupling up to the visualization and processing of the transferred data in a cloud-based portal (portal hosting). The service offering also includes support for system security and availability or support in data evaluation and SIM card management.

The development of an IoT solution takes place in four steps: finding a concept for the business idea and the associated role of the planned IoT product, workshop for developing a feasibility study with development of a solution under real conditions based on available hardware and software, pilot phase with proof of Concept (PoC) and integration of the appropriate OEM hardware and creation of a customized software (script) in a product prototype and final development to market maturity.
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