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pepperl100315The compact and robust Read / write head F190 by Pepperl + Fuchs has an integrated antenna with switchable polarization. It allows optimal adaptation to the application without replacing the hardware. The unit's compact and rugged housing ensures reliable operation even in harsh environments. Its multi-tag reading for up to 40 transponders increases plant productivity. The F190 series includes devices with frequency ranges for Europe, Asia and America.

Sensor technology 4.0: intelligently identify objects

The antenna of the UHF read / write head can be switched between circular and linear horizontal as well as linear vertical polarization. The linear polarization is suitable for a high reading rate with transponders of known and constant orientation. The transmission power remains limited to the necessary, interference in the system can be avoided. With an unknown or variable position of the transponder, the circular polarization ensures the reliable detection of the tags, for example when identifying unsorted general cargo. Thanks to this flexibility, the F190 is suitable for a variety of applications and reduces the installation effort.

The F190, with its range from 0,2 to 1,5 m, opens up an area in which LF and HF systems offer no solution. This will make new RFID applications possible. Globally operating companies benefit in particular from its features: all locations can be equipped with the same product series. In addition, ready-made function modules allow fast and smooth system integration. The sturdy metal case measures only 11 x 11 cm and is easy to install even in confined spaces. Together with the encapsulated electronics, the device makes it particularly robust and enables its use even under adverse environmental conditions.
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