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epsg03151The Ethernet Powerlink Standardization Group (EPSG) presents a new technology development: Kunbus simplifies the connection of sensors and actuators to a Powerlink network. The new COM module enables Ethernet-based interfacing without interfering with printed circuit board design. The retrofitting of a Powerlink interface is easily possible and the development effort is reduced to an absolute minimum.

The 85 x 65 mm compact module can be easily plugged onto existing control boards of sensors or actuators or connected by cable. On the application side, there is a Modbus RTU, a shift register interface, a dual-port RAM interface and an easily programmable script interpreter. The 2 RJ45 connectors are the interface to the isolated Powerlink network, the node address settings are made via 2 rotary switches and the LEDs used for diagnostic purposes are already integrated.

The module can process input and output data for each 512 byte. The interface module is designed for cycle times of 250 μs. The platform has a unified pinout, allowing the modules to be used as a low-cost option board for a variety of fieldbus or network protocols.
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