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Steute presents, as is Radio switchgear be integrated into the company-wide information and data exchange. The platform for this is already available. Their use offers great advantages, especially in the networked and linked systems of assembly and handling technology. The switching devices and radio reception units are then extended by the functionality "network operation" and an intelligent router forms the hardware and software interface to customer-specific IT systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Warehouse Management (WMS).

Andreas Schenk, Product Manager Wireless about the kabbellos reliable switching

This interface between the radio switching device and the customer's IT can be configured differently, because the software platform is basically open. Which variant will prevail at first will depend on the wishes and requirements of the users.

The company has already completed its first projects with network-compatible wireless switching devices - for example, a wireless Kanban system for the assembly workstations of the automotive industry. The new type of wireless communication at the sensor / actuator level also offers clear advantages in other areas of industrial automation. This is especially true for the linked systems of assembly and handling technology with many moving components: Radio systems simplify the installation considerably, reduce the maintenance effort and create the conditions for a more flexible and dynamic production in the sense of Industrie 4.0.
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