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pepperl0315The Remote I / O systems by Pepperl + Fuchs allow the coupling of conventional field devices to the control and control level via a serial bus. Remote I / O systems take into account the desire to "collect" the input and output points in the field, close to the sensors and actuators. As a result, such systems are often mounted in the hazardous area in the 2 or 1 zone.

Remote I / O systems (RIO, remote = remote, I / O = input / output) are the migration between new and old technology and make it possible to "move" from one technology to another. Remote I / O takes advantage of fieldbus technology and conventional wiring. The application for remote I / O in process automation ranges from the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas (onshore and offshore), pharmaceutical industry, process industry, food & beverage, water treatment, to the explosive area of ​​mechanical and plant engineering.

The introduced remote I / O systems greatly facilitate the modernization of process control systems and provide remote access to HART field devices for more control and diagnostic functions. The existing field devices can usually be retained and their wiring can still be used. In the case of further changes to systems with decentralized remote I / O stations, the systems save on wiring, technical configuration and assembly costs.
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