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Harting02151Industrial devices require stable, high-bandwidth data communication and a reliable supply of energy. The "Ha-Vis Econ "Ethernet switches by Harting provide the fully integrated solution for data and power transfer in one device while reducing cabling and cost. They have a powerful Power over Ethernet Plus for the power supply of industrial devices.

Flexible power supply directly via Ethernet connections

With a data transfer rate of 1000 Mbit / s simultaneously on all ports and with the support of PoE +, the Ha-Vis Econ series is equipped with features that enable efficient and future-proof plant design.

Beyond the PoE / PoE + standard, the new switches provide an integrated DC / DC voltage converter. In this case, the switches can be supplied with 24V DC instead of the normally required 48 / 54V DC. The user gains more flexibility in the connection of terminals and the expansion of the network, saves components such as power supplies and reduces assembly time and space.

The switches integrate thanks to their compact dimensions everywhere. From 200 Switch models, users can choose exactly the combination of features and port combinations that best suits their application.
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