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steute0215steute offers an I / O unit with which existing mechanical switching devices, such as cam switches of machine tools, can be integrated into radio systems. Up to four of these switching devices are connected to the new I / O box. Power is supplied via battery or an 24 VDC connection. The radio system allows the transmission of signals, especially on moving parts such as grippers, tools etc. without sensitive signal lines. This increases the availability of the entire system and also simplifies the construction.

The box collects the signals from four mechanical switches of any manufacturer. However, a prerequisite is that these switches do not require their own power supply. For the battery version, the inductive sensors from the manufacturer's own program can be connected as an alternative. The RF IS M8 - M 30 series has been specially developed for operation in battery-supported wireless networks. It comes with a supply voltage of 3,6 V. The 24 VDC version of the I / O box can also process the signals of all commercially available 24 Volt PNP sensors.

This new development is aimed at applications in which previously wired switches on moving machine components were used and a complex, wear-prone energy supply was required. Another area of ​​application is very compact machines / parts, in which one would like to dispense with cable channels. In the solution with wireless signal transmission via RF I / O-Box, up to four switches or sensors can transmit and receive signals via a common radio protocol.
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