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micro-epsilon0314To the highly dynamic Laser triangulation sensor Opto NCDT 2300 to be able to operate with an analogue output Micro-Epsilon that C-Box before: The compact external controller is used for fast D / A conversion or synchronous billing of two sensor signals. The high-end triangulation displacement sensor is designed for the precise measurement of fast objects. The sensor is used to measure the distance of diffuse reflective materials and shiny, porous or rough surfaces.

Principle of operation Laser triangulation
In addition, the Opto NCDT 2300 is suitable for one-sided thickness measurement of transparent materials. The up to now available digital interfaces Ethernet, RS422 and Ethercat are now extended by the new controller with an analog output. The C-Box is compact electronics used for fast D / A conversion of a digital input signal or for billing two digital sensor signals. The D / A conversion is done with 16 bit and maximum 70 kHz. The C-Box offers four outputs: a configurable analogue output, Ethernet, RS422 and USB. The parameterization and operation of the C-Box and the connected sensors is carried out via Ethernet web interface. In addition to averaging and statistic functions, thickness, diameter, step or slope can be calculated.
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